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1. Website URL 2. Email 3. Country Name 4. Phone Number 5. Geographic Target Market 6. Keywords Ideas 7. Top 3 Competitors of your website ( To do competetior analysis ) 8. Admin/FTP Access [Yes/No] ( For fixing the On-site and On-page Errors ) 9. Google Analytics Access [Yes/No] ( To analyze visitors behaviour over your website ) 10. Google Webmaster [Yes/No] ( To analyze the website health issues ) 11. SMO Login [Yes/No] ( To promote the website in Social Media websites ) 12. Facebook Admin/Login Access [Yes/No] ( Largest social media website with highest visitors ) 13. Twitter Login Access [Yes/No] ( Leading Micro Blogging website ) 14. Google + Login Access [Yes/No] ( Fastest growing social media website ) 15. Address for Business Listing 16. Additional Comments 17. Have you ever had any SEO work done to the website?